The Financial Perspective of Umrah Pilgrimage Tourism Journey: Investigating Millenials in Indonesia

Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Tourism Management and Hospitality

Year: 2023



The Financial Perspective of Umrah PilgrimageTourism Journey: Investigating Millenials in Indonesia

Nuri Wulandari




Pilgrimage travel for Muslims is one of the pillars of faith that needs to be upheld. Thus, for a nation of 275 million people, consisting of 87% Muslims, pilgrimage tourism such as Umrah and Hajj is a nation-wide concern. Especially, when studies reveal that the millennial segment is increasingly shifting to an Islamic lifestyle, including religious products and services. Despite the potential of pilgrimage tourism, past research shows that the needs of travel-related financial products are currently underserved. This on-going study is trying to fullfill the gap by investigating the journey of Umrah Pilgrimage from the financial perspective in order to understand the millenials segment in Indonesia on their experience and planning in financing pilgrimage. The study employs a mixed-methods survey with closed and open-ended questions based on the consumer journey framework and behavioral intention concept. Early findings revealed that, moslem millennials have challenges in their quest to finance their religious experience travel. It will also describes the important touchpoints regarding the financing channels selected by the respondents. The result will make an important contribution to creating innovation in financial products to serve pilgrimage tourism.

keywords: consumer behavior, banking, financing, marketing, pilgrimage, tourism