Greentour – Online Tool To Promote Environmentally Sustainable Tourism

Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Tourism Management and Hospitality

Year: 2023



Greentour – Online Tool To Promote Environmentally Sustainable Tourism

Paula Quinteiro, Cristina Campos, María Margallo, María Gallego, Pedro Villanueva, Jaume Albertí, Ana Cláudia Dias




The tourism sector has five common challenges that need to be addressed to improve environmental sustainability: 1) lack of environmental commitment; 2) inefficient use of water; 3) excessive solid waste and poor waste management; 4) reduction of carbon emissions in transport, and; 5) excessive food waste. To promote the transition to the circular economy in the tourism sector, an online tool to quantify the environmental impacts of accommodation, restaurants & cafes, and tourism activities has been developed under the project Greentour. This tool addresses the environmental impacts of these sectors following a life cycle perspective by applying the Life Cycle Assessment methodology. This presentation aims to present the online tool, which is available at, including the structure, data requirements and outcomes, and the developed eco-label to voluntarily communicate the environmental impact results obtained for the establishment/company. This online tool enables the assessment of the environmental impact of establishments in the tourism sector, detecting its weaknesses, and supporting the definition of improvement measures for the above-mentioned challenges of the tourism sector. The eco-label demonstrates the commitment of the establishment/company to become more sustainable.

keywords: accommodation, eco-labeling, environmental assessment, life cycle assessment, restaurants & cafes