Teaching Materials and Courseware Construction in Rwanda

Proceedings of ‏The 3rd International Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education

Year: 2021

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/3rd.ictle.2021.02.106

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Teaching Materials and Courseware Construction in Rwanda

Ntachobazi Bosco



As studies specified that students are risk of academic failure. In fact, low grades, high absenteeism, poor comprehension, poor class participation are indicators of poor learning outcomes. In Rwanda, academic performance in secondary schools has been poor. However, differences in academic performance were linked with teaching material. Teaching materials in teaching must be appropriate.

There are many types of teaching materials to be delivered in classroom. Although  the  conventional  styles  can  be  applied  in  classrooms,  the  alternative  teaching materials  can  help  in  improving  students’ knowledge and skills. However,  Information    and    Communication    Technology    is    spreading    around  the  world  as  integral  parts  not  only  of  teaching  but in other aspects of human life as well. ICT has brought benefits   in making information about them more accessible.  In the context of learning, ICT may be referred to as a necessary tool for students   who   desire   further   learning.   This   is   also   supported  by  an argument that  stated  computer  technology  as  an  important  integral  tool  in  teaching field where the use of computer technology is said  to  benefit  both  students  and  teachers.  Its usage alters the traditional roles of teachers in the classroom. The widespread use of ICT tools in teaching has indirectly changed the way the learners interact with the teachers.   An example of application of ICT in teaching is interactive    courseware.    The    idea    to    develop  an    interactive courseware for basic computer system course to  students  is  just  an  alternative  on  how  the  information  source  can  be  spread  to  the  students  using  the   computers.   The aim is to assess teaching material and courseware construction of   the   strength   and   weaknesses of its instructional material design.

Keywords: teaching materials, Students, Communication    Technology.