Wireless Mobile Spectrum Assignment in India: Issues and Challenges

Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Social Sciences in the 21st Century

Year: 2021

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/3rd.ics21.2021.07.31

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Wireless Mobile Spectrum Assignment in India: Issues and Challenges

Hansikaa Chauhan, Dr. Archana Sarma



The research paper discusses and analyzes the Wireless Mobile Spectrum Assignment in India during the recent spectrum auction held in March 2021. India is today the second largest and the fastest growing telecom industry in the world in terms of number of wireless connections and is steering towards technological advancements in wireless mobile communications. With the introduction of Digital India Programme, the Wireless Mobile Communications Industry promises to place India on a strong footing with other developed economies of the world in the near future. However, the Industry has been facing several roadblocks on its way to the future growth due to inefficient spectrum management.  In this paper, the Researchers have discussed the significance and contribution of the Wireless Mobile Spectrum in the economic growth of India and have critically analyzed the Wireless Spectrum Assignment during the 2021 spectrum auction. The Researchers have also highlighted the growth parameters of Wireless Cellular Mobile Communications Industry in order to emphasize on the importance of spectrum management in the growth and development of this industry. The researchers have highlighted the various issues and challenges in Spectrum Allocation of India and have given suggestions for efficient spectrum management before the next 5G Auction in the Year 2022 that can further accelerate India towards ‘Digitalization’ and Globalization.

Keywords: Spectrum Auctions in India, 5G Spectrum Bands, Digital India, Mobile Economy, Doing Business in India.