Artistic Research, Knowledge and Music Education

Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Social Sciences in the 21st Century

Year: 2021


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Artistic Research, Knowledge and Music Education

Nino Jvania, Eka Chabashvili, Tamar Zhvania



Artistic research is concentrated on the creative process resulting into an art work, challenging an artist to study his/her own creative process and to penetrate into the depths of this process. It is conducted in all artistic directions, and the process of achieving results may go beyond a separate discipline and move to the transdisciplinary field. Therefore, it is natural that often artistic research methods intersect with methods of other research traditions, contributing to accumulation of knowledge. Though, what is the nature of knowledge that is gained through artistic and not scientific research? Art and science form a single cultural space for the development of humanity from two different dimensions. This means that the research carried out by the artist in any case meets some scientific criteria, while maintaining artistic approaches. Thus, artistic research conducted by the artist not only reflects the nature of a work of art, but also contains to some extent the attributes characteristic of the art criticism. Therefore, in artistic research the researcher tries to answer the same questions as in scientific research. The paper discusses the similarities and differences of these two research forms, as well as the impact artistic research has on music education.

Keywords: artistic research; classical music; music education; creativity; knowledge.