Over Tourism Classification for Sightseeing Areas in Japan

Proceedings of ‏The 3rd International Conference on Research in Social Sciences and Humanities

Year: 2021


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Over Tourism Classification for Sightseeing Areas in Japan

Soji Lee



Tourism is considered the important factor for the subjective wellbeing and QOL (Quality of Life) due to generate the feeling of satisfaction and wellbeing. First experimented natural and cultural environment generate for tourists to the positive view of life. In addition, tourism development generates economic growth increasing foreign exchange income and creating employment opportunities. The rapid development of tourism, however, has caused the conflict called “over tourism” between tourists and residents. These conflicts involve the inconvenience for residents and damage of cultural environment conducted by the tourists and are caused by the cultural differences. This phenomenon has occurred tourist sites/places for sightseeing and has increased every year due to the rise of tourists. The aim of this research is to define the state of “over tourism” on tourist sites with famous place of sightseeing and classify the level of state of over tourism based on the tweets data. In Japan, Kyoto has turned to the condition of over tourism. We conduct the comparison four famous places of sightseen compared to Kyoto and define the state of over tourism based on positive and negative expressions. In addition, results show that the key categorized words, such as local area name, could the important role of positive expression.

Keywords: Over tourism, Sightseeing area, Positive expression, Local area, Tweet.