Management models for overcoming the negative impact on tourism in 2020

Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Research in Management

Year: 2021


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Management models for overcoming the negative impact on tourism in 2020

Ph.D. Ralitsa Georgieva



As the worst affected by the global health crisis at present, tourism sector has undergone the most serious transformations as a result of changes in tourist behavior, challenges related to travel rules and regulations imposed by governments and other obstacles travel companies face. In this situation, an innovative and diverse management approaches are needed to overcome the tourism market obstacles and maintain sustainable business pace.

The current paper aims to present good practices of tourism companies operating on the Bulgarian market, which implement a sustainable policy to reduce the negative impact of the crisis in the tourism sector, due to the global health crisis, which can serve as an guide for other tourism enterprises. For the purpose of the paper a secondary research of the website of some of the leading tourism enterprises was made and a semi-structured interview with tourism managers and specialists was conducted. The results of the developed research methodology are highlighted as good practices of some of the leading tourism companies in Bulgaria, which could serve as good examples for overcoming the economic loses of tourism industry.

Keywords: management models, crisis, negative impact.