Laboral Inclusion… Change in Working Conditions

Proceedings of ‏The 3rd International Conference on Research in Humanities and Social Sciences

Year: 2020


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Laboral Inclusion… Change in Working Conditions

Jimenez Rodriguez Ericka Alexandra, Masmela Olivar Rodrigo and Rodriguez Darabos Emma Isabel



The objective of the documentary review as the first phase of the project “Program for the prevention of occupational accidents in people with physical disabilities, from the regulations in Occupational Safety and Health”,  was to take a thoughtful look at the children with disabilities (PcD), their right to work and their relationship to occupational health and safety management systems (SG-SST) through technical and legal texts located on the Google Scholar, Scielo and Dialnet platforms. Where these documents argue that the PcD are subjects of law that deserve decent working conditions and the barriers of access to work have been produced by society’s conceptions and prejudices around disability. Where companies must ensure the completeness of the rules relating to SG-SST and include within their policies, objectives, and guidelines, the concepts associated with inclusion, social integrity, accessibility, and understanding of plurality: the recognition of PcDs from the social and human rights approach and in parallel the risk prevention measures should be taken from approaches such as the working environment, signs, and communication of risks, the organization of work tasks and schedule, the psychosocial environment, and emergency protocols,  in accordance with the particularities and diversity of workers with disabilities.

Keywords: Disability, Persons with disabilities, occupational safety and health, occupational hazards, risk prevention.