Data-Driven Marketing in Talent Acquisition

Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Research in Human Resource Management

Year: 2023



Data-Driven Marketing in Talent Acquisition

Aneta Ziobrowska, MBA




The labour market is changing dynamically. Nowadays, the pace of adjusting to the job market and the candidate’s market must be rapid and agile. Due to the current global situation – Covid 19 pandemic, soaring inflation, and geopolitical tensions, many potential candidates have abandoned the process of looking for a new job. They rarely do respond to passive advertisements from employers. Direct search and recruitment marketing are gaining even more value, becoming indispensable tools in the hands of recruiters. Marketing 5.0 is a new concept defined by Philip Kotler, Herman Kartajaya and Iwan Setiawan in 2021. One of the disciplines is data-driven marketing based on Big Data analysis. In my paper, I want to show how using the latest technologies from marketing 5.0 can help optimize the talent acquisition process and impact the candidate experience. I will present how to compare traditional research with Marketing 5.0 methods and steps to use data effectively and build a data system for better talent targeting. The intention is to show an efficient approach to help many employers strengthen the relationship between the company and the candidate and to become the “employer of choice”.

keywords: Big Data, Candidate Experience, Human Resources; Marketing 5.0; Recruitment