“Recycling&Reusing of Aluminium and plastic Waste: Indian Context”

Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Research in Business, Management and Finance

Year: 2021


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“Recycling&Reusing of Aluminium and plastic Waste: Indian Context”

Abhishek Rupareliya, Dr. Ashish. B Joshi



The last decade witnessed that people use more metal tins for soft and hard drinks still there is vast use of for such drinks. These tins and plastic bottles are Pollute the land and marine life. Worldwide production for all drink can be approximately 370 billion cans per year and tonnes of plastic waste. So this paper studies how a new thing from Aluminium and Plastic waste can be made so Aluminium Scarp is recycling and plastic waste recycling is very helpful to remove waste and it is also financially very profitable. This model demands a breakeven between various factors like quality, an initial investment, regular expenses and selling price. This paper aims to develop a model that is very helpful for Indian context. This paper aims to find out suitable alternatives for the prevailing practices so as to increase material and cost efficiency.

Keywords: Recycling, people, Aluminium.