Integrating Whatsapp LX Tasks into Vocabulary Learning: A Case Study in Two Indonesian Secondary Schools

Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on New Approaches in Education

Year: 2021


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Integrating Whatsapp LX Tasks into Vocabulary Learning: A Case Study in Two Indonesian Secondary Schools

Mokh. Arif Bakhtiyar



Research on the use of WhatsApp in vocabulary learning has gained popularity in recent years, however, no study investigated the combination of the app and communication tasks in vocabulary pedagogy. This pilot study explored how WhatsApp additional language (LX) tasks were integrated into vocabulary learning in Indonesian secondary school context. In particular, it investigated how students used WhatsApp tasks to facilitate vocabulary learning, how teachers and students perceived WhatsApp tasks in vocabulary learning, and the challenges of using WhatsApp vocabulary tasks. A needs analysis had been carried out prior to the pilot to identify possible tasks through interviewing two English teachers and ten students from two schools and analysing English syllabus. In the pilot, an English teacher and thirty-one students were invited to participate. Data were collected through WhatsApp observation, interviews, and teaching and learning journals. The data were analysed using corrective feedback (CF) indicators and thematic analysis. The findings revealed that during interactions, students negotiated meaning and form using some CF indicators such as explicit correction, recast, clarification request, confirmation check, metalinguistic feedback, elicitation, and self-repair. Other than the indicators, the students also used WhatsApp picture/sticker, emoji/emoticon, and ‘mention’ and ‘quote and reply’ features to support the negotiation works. In general, WhatsApp vocabulary tasks were seen as effective, useful, motivating, and were supporting students to be autonomous. Finally, the challenges of utilising WhatsApp vocabulary tasks were students’ participation, time for performing task, and understanding task instruction. Reflections have been made on research and task design for a main study.

Keywords: additional language (LX); communication tasks; needs analysis; vocabulary learning; WhatsApp.