Pupils in Pandemic: A Survey Analyzing the Impact of Digital Learning during COVID-19

Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on New Approaches in Education

Year: 2021


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Pupils in Pandemic: A Survey Analyzing the Impact of Digital Learning during COVID-19

Ekta Agrawal



As we all are dealing with uncertainty of outcomes caused by COVID-19 pandemic in various walks of life, this becomes very essential to know how it has impacted our education. Most of the institutions came up with the idea to continue academic sessions digitally so that the academic year of the students could be saved. The study was conducted to analyze the outcomes of digital learning on students studying at elementary level. Qualitative survey method was adopted for the study as the purpose of the study was not to quantify the information but to look into it more deeply and realistically. The data was collected, over a long period of 6 months, both digitally and wherever possible, by paying personal visits as well, with the help of a self-developed survey containing different aspects related to teaching and learning that could possibly affect learners. There were 160 responses recorded in total. The results of the study have not only shown how e-learning is adversely affecting the health of the students but also brought to light various interesting facts about how some of them are enjoying studying being at home. Many of the pupils were to start their schooling in 2020 but due to lockdown they had to study online staying at home, for such pupils the idea of school is not getting developed and they are not taking their school activities seriously. The results have also indicated towards a few aspects as how digital learning is impacting not just the students but the whole family.

Keywords: elementary education; family environment; learning outcome; mental health; physical health.