Reconfiguration of Assembly Line. Solutions for a Case Study

Proceedings of ‏The 3rd International Conference on Modern Research in Engineering, Technology & Science

Year: 2020


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Reconfiguration of Assembly Line. Solutions for a Case Study

Enache Ioana Catalina, Ionel Simion, Felix Raduica



Needs and market demands are the benchmark against which production processes have to improve both in terms of production capacity and in terms of quality by applying traditional and non-traditional methods of development. This paper will review the existing assembly lines (AL) which must be modified to meet new requirements. The bibliographic research has the role of highlighting the various methods by which one can optimize an assembly line that is complemented by the presentation and analysis of a real case, which aims to enrich the studies done to date in the study area of assembly line balancing problems (ALBP). The aims are to reduce the time of product development and maximizing the use of resources (both machines and workers). By balancing the workload of operators at each station and reducing downtime, the aim is to minimize losses and costs. Balancing the line will allow you to reduce the waiting time and increase the transfer rate.

Keywords: Assembly line balancing (ALB), Configuration of assembly lines, Increase productivity, Simulation.