Building the Bees: An Exploration of Apiculture Industry in Lipa City, Philippines

Proceedings of ‏The 3rd International Conference on Advanced Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2021


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Building the Bees: An Exploration of Apiculture Industry in Lipa City, Philippines

Dr. Michael B. Rodriguez, Ma. Carolina R. Martinez, MSTM, Mary Joy O. De Castro, MSTM



According to the Bureau of Agricultural Research of Lipa City, it increasingly recognized the beekeeping industry as one of the most profitable agribusiness in Lipa City. This study determined the viability of apiculture or beekeeping industry in Lipa City. Hence, the researchers identified the agencies that support the beekeeping industry in Lipa City; uncovered the programs designed by the government agencies to support the sustainability of the agriculture; assessed the farming procedures done by the beekeepers; identified the problems encountered in the beekeeping; estimated costs involved in starting a beekeeping business; and proposed sustainability programs for beekeeping. The study used a descriptive method by using an interview and observation in data gathering. The key informants of the study were the representatives from Department of Agriculture – Bureau of Agricultural Research (DA-BAR), DA Region IV-Southern Tagalog Integrated Agricultural Research Center (STIARC), Lipa Beekeepers Marketing Cooperative (LBMC), and a bee farmer/member of LBMC. Findings showed that Apismellifera is the most commonly used bees for honey production. Training and research are provided by the government agencies making beekeeping as one way to alleviate poverty.
Moreover, people are engaged in beekeeping primarily for honey production. The research discussed different requirements in establishing a beekeeping business. It also found that varroa mites are the pest that kills the colony, and the beekeepers are finding ways to stop the pest infestation. Meanwhile, the study also measured the viability of the business through the presentation of the costs associated with opening the agribusiness. Finally, the researchers proposed sustainability programs to make the beekeeping the number one agricultural activity in Lipa City.

Keywords:  agriculture; agribusiness; apiculture, beekeeping; bees; honeybees; apitourism.