ICT Based Model: Teaching EFL through Online Courses

Proceedings of ‏The 3rd International Conference on Applied Research in Education

Year: 2021

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/3rd.areconf.2021.06.225

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ICT Based Model: Teaching EFL through Online Courses

Dr. Boumediene Houda, Dr. Bouakkaz Mustapha



Teaching English as a foreign language has become a challenge due to the variety of techniques and methods of teaching as well as the diversity of learners’ motivations and interests for learning. Therefore, instructors have to think about current ways to incorporate new strategies in order to promote their teaching process and reach their teaching goals. For this reason, the integration of Information Communication Technology (ICT) especially Online Courses (OC) became widely spread in so many fields including language learning/teaching and more particularly teaching literature. The latter represents that the use of OC helps in understanding of most of the difficult literary texts. Thus, the present study was conducted to evaluate technology-based instruction using OC as an educational tool in learning /teaching EFL literature to Second-year students at the University of Amar Thelidji, the specific objectives include evaluating students’ outcomes and attitudes toward the incorporation of OC in the learning process. To attain the aim of the experimental study two research instruments were used, an experiment with second year students followed by two online questionnaires addressed to 9 teachers and 45 second year students. The findings of the study show that the integration of OC made a suitable tool for promoting learning literature and support the argument which suggests that learners have profited from using OC and they are getting more involved in the experience. Also, this tool enables both teachers to integrate online content and activities with face to face teaching, and learners to facilitate and reinforce literature studies. Based on this study, the integration of OC in literature class is a starting point for further research in blending OC in traditional settings to achieve a successful implementation of online content in a way that it facilitates the learning/teaching process.

Keywords: Literature, online courses, OC, integration, ICT.