Individual Counselling: The Experience of School Career Counsellors in Latvia

Proceedings of ‏The 2nd World Conference on Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2020


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Individual Counselling: The Experience of School Career Counsellors in Latvia

Rita Burceva



Individual career counselling to pupils is an essential part of the school career counsellor’s professional activity. The purpose of the research was to establish the experience of school career counsellors in terms of various aspects of practical implementation of individual counselling to pupils. The research methods: analysis of theoretical literature, an anonymous written questionnaire survey followed by data visualisation and analysis. The experience of school career counsellors on various practical aspects of individual counselling for pupils gives rise to the conclusion on the improvement of organisational aspects of counselling.Individual career counselling sessions usually take place initiated by a pupil, and it means that the role of a school career counsellor in the school environment is clear; pupils have had a positive initial experience with the specialist. This trend demonstrates that pupils are willing to turn to a career counsellor on their own without getting other adults involved in order to deal with their career development related issues, and it also shows the practical application of the basic skills of career management. It can be concluded contextually following the results of the questionnaire survey that school career counsellors possess a good professional understanding of the organisational aspects of individual career counselling, they have a critical attitude towards the lack of resources, and in their practical work they follow the methodical and ethical principles of career counselling. A tenth of schools require improvements to their physical environment in order to allow a school career counsellor to provide professional individual career counselling sessions. It means that school career counsellors must bring up this issue with the school’s management and local council, taking a proactive position for the benefit of their pupils’ interests.

Keywords: career counselling; initiators of individual career counselling sessions; organisational aspects; physical environment.