New Media and Its Importance in Raising Awareness in The Use of Electric Power in Kurdistan-Iraq, Erbil City as A Sample

Proceedings of The 2nd World Conference on Media and Communication

Year: 2022



New Media and Its Importance in Raising Awareness in The Use of Electric Power in Kurdistan-Iraq, Erbil City as A Sample

Salar Dwlawer Hwaez, Marewan Qader Hamad Ameen



Many countries bear a particular importance to the process of rationalization in all areas of life because of its positive effect. The most developed countries are more rational in consumption. Electricity is the prominent operator in all fields of the modern life, and it is important for the society especially for its steep costs and it is continuing to increase. It is a burden on per capita income and the national economy, especially in developing countries. Therefore, many countries and organizations are seeking to manage campaigns for rationalizing electricity consumption. In Kurdistan Iraq, the problem is aggravated because of the circumstances experienced by Iraq. That interruption and absenteeism of electric current for long periods pose a big problem for the people and the solution of this problem is a shared responsibility among stakeholders and people who can contribute in the provision of electric power. The new media can be an effective way to sensitize the population and instruct them on how to save energy.

This study consists of two sections. The first is devoted to the theoretical study and it consists of the research methodology, questions of the research, selected sample, the target of the subject and its importance, and presentation of two previous studies of a group of researchers of university professors in Germany, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. The first section also considers the topics of communication and social dimensions, the concept of rationalization and awareness, campaigns and the importance of modern media especially mobile in the awareness process, some tips and guidelines that can help the media in raising awareness of rationalization of electricity power. The second section deals with the field study. It displays the questionnaire and analytical tables and comments upon them then interpret and display the results and conclusions, along with the submission of proposals and the recommendations that could benefit stakeholders in the solution of this crisis.

keywords: New media, Electricity rationalizing, Awareness absenteeism, Social dimensions.