Re-Thinking Skills by Transmitting Local Knowledge into Skills

Proceedings of ‏The 2nd Global Conference on Women’s Studies

Year: 2021


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Re-Thinking Skills by Transmitting Local Knowledge into Skills

Shelly A Kumar



With the help of skill-development, here I am trying to explore the need to investigate attitude of the women’s living in the village towards the importance of their life career and their self-development opportunities. The rural India is filled with highly skilled workers who are neither recognized nor empowered, but highly exploited. Men from villages are employed as skilled labors in the city and nearby city. However, not many women are involved in self-development spheres. Hence, the only option left for them is to go to forest for subsistence where they do not have the dignity regarding their foraging work also. By skilled worker, here I am referring to skilled manual worker who uses tools and machinery in a particular craft. I want to bring into the concepts of conditioning & dimension of power – within & out, which plays important role in skill development for women. Today, it is difficult for the people in informal sector to remain relevant as job market demands certified skill workers for various sectors. Hence, those who do not have certified skills cannot get a Job or remain in any employment and will eventually get absorbed by unorganized sector. Thus, by bringing the concept of conditioning and power, in this paper I am trying to connect the existing local knowledge with many skill-development programmes and with the people of the village will work on the rural entrepreneurship.

Keywords: Communities, Development; Entrepreneurship; Rural women; Tribal.