Competence of the Nurse in Emergencies of Burn Injuries

Proceedings of ‏The 2nd world conference on Future of Education

Year: 2020


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Competence of the Nurse in Emergencies of Burn Injuries

Anushka Dimitrova, Petya Trendafilova



Burn injuries cover a wide range of injuries to the health and lives of victims. They can cause severe general illness caused by local body damage, affecting all organs and systems. The provision of medical care to burn victims is subject to life-saving actions in all emergencies, regardless of the type of injury, must ensure that the victims maintain vital functions (breathing and circulation). The transportation time of the victim from the moment of the accident to the hospital is essential, as the place of treatment is determined by a number of factors. The aim of the study is to establish the competence of the nurses from the emergency rooms for professional behavior in emergency conditions of burn victims. The research used a documentary method, sociological and graphic methods. The sociological survey was conducted in the period 2018/2019 among 355 nurses working in the emergency departments in nine settlements within the country. Regarding the practical training of the respondents, it is found that 26.49% partly have skills in burns care, 20.56% are those who cannot judge or said no. 38.80% have some preparation for providing first/emergency medical care to victims, 20.20% of them cannot judge, 18.30% indicated negative answers. The timely, adequate, and professional behavior of nurses in providing first aid is important for the outcome of the trauma. Increasing their professional training will allow to improve the knowledge and practical skills to perform on indications and in full emergency care in fires, or other causes.

Keywords: burns; nurse; professional training; behavior; emergency.