Rejection of child marriage based on religion and family rights in Iran

Proceedings of ‏The 2nd World Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities

Year: 2020


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Rejection of child marriage based on religion and family rights in Iran

Roghayeh Gashti



Marriage is one of the most important stages of human life, marriage is important but the age of marriage is more important. Mental and physical fitness comes with age and experience. The issue of child marriage is a challenging one. Islam does not make the maturity condition in marriage a necessary condition. Child marriage means forcing a girl and a boy to marry at a young age without the necessary education and acquaintance with life skills. However, they do not know about marriage and protecting a family are not able to form an independent married life. Both young people enter the new life at a young and inexperienced age, and therefore face many problems and incompatibilities begin. The only advantage of marriage at an early age is the fulfillment of halal[1] sexual and emotional needs. But it is not necessary to get married at a young age because early marriage can be rejected based on the couple’s duties in religious teachings. In Iran, the marriage of a 13-year-old girl and a 15-yearold boy is legal, but there are several laws in family law that implicitly denies child marriage. The single article of fidelity and the single clause of public and special obedience as common duties of men and women are in conflict with child marriage. General and special obedience each has instances that are incompatible with the child’s spirit and body, including childbirth and sexual intercourse and breastfeeding. Therefore, the most appropriate age for marriage for young people is when they reach physical and mental maturity and have the ability to achieve the goals they have set for marriage.[1] Halal versus haram means what is permissible in Sharia and reason. Whether it is a heart action, such as beliefs, or physical, or verbal. (Islamic Encyclopedia)

Keywords:Marriage, age, child marriage, untimely marriage.