Using Social Media in TV Series:Example of  Instagram

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2019


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Using Social Media in TV Series:Example of  Instagram

Gökhan Kuzucanli



Today, social media platforms have reached quite a lot of users. When evaluated in terms of traditional media, social media has become the advertising of traditional media. Social media, which is a means of communication, has seen quite a number of series ads. In addition, social media provides feedback in a short period of time, which enables the shaping of television content. When it was established, Instagram only served as a video photo sharing site. Today, the instagram still has different features and still has a photo and video sharing feature. This feature of intagram makes it preferable to introduce the product and content to its users. In this study, published and instagram me the advertised five different indexes of video and shares a photo from Turkey TV, followers and likes counts, the advertisement frequency in social media, audience requests were examined by the response content analysis method.

Keywords: Social Media, Contact, Traditional Media, İnstagram.