Selection of Access Network using Cost Function Technique in Heterogenous Network

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Research in Science, Engineering, and Technology

Year: 2019


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Selection of Access Network using Cost Function Technique in Heterogenous Network

Abdullah H. Al-Ghushami and Abdulghani Ali Ahmed



the challenge for future generation of wireless environment is on how to choose the appropriate wireless access network connection when there are several different wireless networks. Hence, there are many available handover methods, which depend on a single parameter like RSS method. These methods did not use the advantages of multi network parameters and do not take into consideration the quality of service of ongoing session to increase user satisfaction based on their preferences. A vertical handover network selection (VHNOS) method is being used to aid in term of service quality for the user satisfactions of the mobile terminals. This study intends to propose the method of choosing the vertical handover network selection. This method adopted the cost function, and also covers the weight distribution and cost factor techniques. The weight distribution is used to measure different weights for existing wireless network based on the user preference and mobile terminal power. The cost factor technique is also being used to identify the cost for performing handover target by considering every network parameters and its weight. Results obtained showed that this algorithm has the ability to increase user satisfaction compared to the other algorithms, which consistently choose single accessible network.

Keywords: Heterogeneous Wireless Networks, Network Selection, Cost Function, Weight Distribution, VHONS, Vertical Handover.