Investments in innovation and risk in the SME sector in Poland

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Research in Management and Economics

Year: 2019


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Investments in innovation and risk in the SME sector in Poland

Anna Maria Kamińska




The Polish economy is difficult to compare with other economies in Europe or in the world. There are many reasons for this state of affairs, but the most important one is the political and economic past of the country. Enterprises in the SME sector, which constitute the most numerous group of enterprises in Poland (as well as in other countries in the world), have been therefore operating in the sector that has only recently stabilized. It is thus worth reviewing the way they cope with everyday functioning and whether they are able to raise capital for investment and innovation. Risk factors specific to the SME sector will be identified. This article focuses on issues related to enterprise development by means of innovation. Furthermore, the factors which are barriers to development are identified. The development of the SME sector in Poland and the results of the author’s own research on investments carried out on the group of SMEs in Poland are briefly described and supported by author’s own research.

Keywords: SME innovativeness, risk, investments, business.