Low Footprint Wellness Tourism Attached to Responsible Travelling

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Tourism Management and Hospitality

Year: 2022



Low Footprint Wellness Tourism Attached to Responsible Travelling

Eleni Alexiou, Ioannis Spilanis



According to the literature, wellness tourism is defined as a type of tourism activity with the primary motivation being the achievement of a (better) balance between body, spirit, and mind. On the other hand, responsible tourism is a broad concept with its roots attached to sustainability, hence referring to a type of tourism activity and tourist behavior that benefits the environment, economy and society of the visiting destination. The purpose of this study is to narrow the ample ways in pursuing wellness in an attempt to enclose the responsible way of travelling. The methodology is grounded on recording, reviewing and clarifying the concepts and definitions involved, with the ultimate goal to combine them in the context of a low impact touristic activity in contrast with luxury wellness tourism within specific infrastructure. A questionnaire targeted to wellness and nature-based tourists will be administered to reveal the different ways, wellness and well-being is being perceived, and also investigate the views of the respondents on the ideal destination for such a trip. Another set of questions will examine the behavior intentions as well as the preferences of the wellness and nature-based tourists outlining the profile of a responsible traveller. A number of questions from both parts of the questionnaire will act as a cross-check to confirm the validity of the research tool. Travelling is widely accepted as part of the path leading to well-being. Wellness tourism shows increasing trends of development in the post-Covid era. Tourism activity detached from luxury may prove crucial of the improvement of the quality of life for local residents and tourists alike.

keywords: responsible travelling, wellness tourism, low footprint, nature, quality of life.