The Role of the government in the University – Enterprise Cooperation

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Teaching, Learning, and Education

Year: 2019


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The Role of the government in the University – Enterprise Cooperation

Lia Davitadze and George Abuselidze




University – Enterprise cooperation considers an active and efficient cooperation of the Scientists, Industry, and government. The university is a significant actor in this model as it not only produces the knowledge but also creates new opportunities, protects intellectual property and converts the research outcomes into the market attractive product. This cooperation ensures the educational programs equip the students with the relevant competences, and makes research suited to the demand of the market and government. Implementation of that helps the university realize its third mission – serve the country and support its economic development. This paper presents our attempt to describe the role of the regional government in the University – Enterprise cooperation based on the regional university in Georgia. Despite the various studies regarding University – Enterprise cooperation implemented in Georgia mainly dealing with single components of the cooperation, we tried to highlight the significance of the government in this cooperation and its authentic character.

Keywords: university, enterprise, cooperation, government, expenditure.