The University Conserving and Sustaining Its Natural Environment

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education

Year: 2019


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The University Conserving and Sustaining Its Natural Environment

Suna Özkan and Betül Balkar




In addition to university’s traditional roles; teaching, research and its cultural impact, nowadays, the university has another duty which is to sustain the development of its region, and conserve its natural environment and the sources. Therefore, with this study, it was aimed to get the perceptions of 13 key people seen experts in environmental issues in Gaziantep province of Turkey towards the qualities of a university which conserve and sustain the region’s natural environment and also benefit from its own ecological environment. It was aimed to find the answer of the following question: “what qualities should a university have in order to conserve and sustain to the natural environment in Gaziantep province of Turkey?” The participants were determined by using maximum variation sampling method and on a volunteer basis. It was aimed that people working in different areas of expertise should be taken part in the study both from inside and outside of the university. The study was conducted through phenomenological pattern. Semi-structured interview technic was used in order to collect the data of the study. Collected data were analyzed through content analysis.  As a result of the study, it has been found out that the university needs to reach out to society and advance its society’s learning and understandings in environmental issues. The philosophy adopted by a university especially for research projects, research activities, curricula, and teaching processes should be structured in accordance with the understanding of mutual benefit between the university and its natural environment.

Keywords: ecological university; environment-related education; environmental institutions; environmental responsibility; university’s responsibilities.