Colour Terms Denoting Semantic Zones of “Yellow”, “Green” And “Blue” In the Uralic and Altaic Languages

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Social Science, Humanities and Education

Year: 2019


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Colour Terms Denoting Semantic Zones of “Yellow”, “Green” And “Blue” In the Uralic and Altaic Languages

Assoc. Prof. Natalia Dubrovskaya



For the first time the comprehensive study of the terms of colour denoting semantic zones of “yellow”, “green”, “blue” on the material of the Uralic and Altaic languages, most of which belong to the languages of the minor peoples of the Russian Federation, is produced. The key material on the basis of which the comparison is made is the actual material of the Selkup language, taking into account its dialect features. Interesting and important conclusions about the etymology, semantic structure and typology of this class of vocabulary are obtained. The study reveals that some Uralic and Altaic languages are characterized by the presence of the so-called “yellow-green” systems, when a single term is used for “yellow” and “green”; in some languages there are “blue-green” systems, determined by the existence of the term which can mean both “blue” and “green”; the specificity of individual Uralic and Altaic languages is the presence of the terms that correspond to the attribution of the so-called “yellow-green-blue” systems (one term which can mean “blue”, “yellow” and “green”). Mapping the data of the studied lexical and semantic features on the territory of Eurasia we indicate certain territorial specifics that can represent the dynamics of the orientation of the dissemination of linguistic phenomena: from the West “yellow-green” systems go, from the East – “blue-green” systems come. They meet just on the territory of Southern Siberia and its vicinity, where, according to the first dictionaries, most of the systems in the XIX century were “yellow-green-blue”.

Keywords: lexical typology, semantics, semantic structure, terms of colour, the Selkup language, the Uralic and Altaic languages.