Counseling Innovation for Teenage Depression

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Social Science, Humanities and Education

Year: 2019


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Counseling Innovation for Teenage Depression

Myla Pilar S. Pamplona and Cecilia B. Banaag



This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of USAL which stands for U – Unawa (Case Conceptualization), S – Salita ng Diyos (Word of God), A – Araling Takda (Homework) and L – L.U.H.A. (Life Lessons using Heart and Hand Activities) as an innovative counseling approach in the treatment of teenage depression. It involved a multiple case study of six female adolescent clients with varying levels of depression and levels of SQ (spiritual quotient). The clients were administered the Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale (RADS 2) and Spiritual Quotient Questionnaire (SQQ) before the application of treatment. The same test questionnaires were answered by the clients after immersing themselves in the process of USAL. Findings showed that all six female adolescent clients showed significant improvements on the level of depression and SQ. It was also found out that the highest score among the cases was Negative Self Evaluation followed by Dysphoric Mood while on the level of SQ the lowest was Purpose in Life followed by Tolerance. All clients experienced improvement in all the levels of depression while their SQ was strengthened. The study concludes that USAL is applicable in the treatment of varying levels of depression and in increasing the level of SQ.

Keywords: adolescent; approach; case study; intervention; spiritual quotient.