Education and Blindness: A need for dancing and laughing Education

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Social Science, Humanities and Education

Year: 2019


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Education and Blindness: A need for dancing and laughing Education

Mohan Singh



Existing education system create blindness by constructing fix worldview through its social institutions (family, religion and education) in the name of truth, peace, democracy etc. The fix world view keeps people in the past full of hate and make blind to the present which is full of love, empathy and sensitivity. Because of the fix worldview, individual not only start perceiving other human beings as problem but also to the self. Individual looses all empathy and sensitivity towards life which is a real blindness to life. This fix worldview is a political consciousness. That is why, our understanding of the human being has become political. Because we understand people only through their religious, caste, class, gender, race and language differences which are politically constructed categories to make people blind towards life. Because of the fix worldview- a blindness to life- we do not accept life as it is, rather perceive it as problem. As we do not accept human being as it is, rather we perceive him as problem because of his food, dress, belief etc. Such fix worldview or blindness is dangerous for the human society. That is why, such ‘mindset’ need to be checked and watched with awareness. And dancing, laughing, playing has a capacity to remove the fix worldviews trapped in the form of energy.

Keywords: Education, fix worldview, blindness, dancing, laughing.