Analysis of The Use of Phase Change For The Safe Operation of Electrical Equipment

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Research in Science, Engineering and Technology

Year: 2019


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Analysis of The Use of Phase Change For The Safe Operation of Electrical Equipment

Zuzana Kolková, Peter Hrabovský, Jozef Matušov, Gabriela Belavá and Andrea Dávidiková




Cooling is currently a serious issue for any manufacturing company, no matter what it is dealing with. Cooling affects all areas of production and relates directly to primary production or to the completion of final products. The ability to accurately manage large-scale electrical voltages has enabled many effective and significant innovations. These devices require high-efficiency electronics cooling. Dielectric fluids are also safe in contact with electronics. They can be used to cool various devices. They work without compromising the health of workers or harming the environment. Special devices called heat pipes are used more and more widely to transfer the excessive heat to a colder environment. The mechanical moving parts are removed. Pulsating (or oscillating) heat pipe present promising alternatives for the removal of high localized heat fluxes to provide a necessary level of temperature uniformity across the components that need to be cooled. PHP is a capillary tube (with no wick structure) bent into many turns and partially filled with a working fluid. Because the tube is thin, the liquid plugs and vapor bubbles are formed inside it. This article presents the results of experiments using heat pipes for cooling.

Keywords: condensation, evaporation, heat, pulsating, temperature.