Modern Polymeric Materials for Cold Plasma Generators 

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Research in Science, Engineering and Technology

Year: 2019


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Modern Polymeric Materials for Cold Plasma Generators 

Zuzana Florková, Michal Janovčík and Martin Šmihál




 Disinfection and biodeactivation properties of atmospheric pressure cold plasma was already shown on bacteria and yeasts in the 90’s. The most popular and safe type of cold plasma generators were found to be dielectric barrier discharges (DBD), where plasma is induced at a surface of dielectric materials covering high voltage electrodes. Such a feature allowed developers to test this technology at biological surfaces, even at a human skin. Our research focuses on the study and optimization of modern dielectric materials for designing more effective and safer new generation DBD generators. Tour target is miniaturization and elongation of lifetime of critical design parts, sustainability of operational parameters, minimization of manufacturing expenditures, repeatability of results and market potential. Recently, material PEEK was studied as potential candidate for replacing classical ceramic dielectric barriers. This polymeric material is characterized by good mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. Such properties allow us to reduce the size and the number of interfaces and spare parts within a plasma generator design in comparison with commercial ceramic-based approaches. PEEK is well machinable and printable by 3D printers.

Keywords: ceramic, DBD, discharge, PEEK, polymer.