Variations of self-experience in manic episodes: A review

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Research in Psychology

Year: 2022



Variations of self-experience in manic episodes: A review

Renata Bazzo, Christian Dunker



Many studies on the variations of self-experiences in the psychopathological field have been favoured with renewed interest in the past decade. However, self-disorders in mania are still an overlooked issue because these symptoms are not considered a core feature of affective syndromes. We argue that detailing the self-distortions in the manic episode can help refine clinical diagnosis and develop predictive tools and psychotherapeutic strategies for functional recovery after crises. This paper intends to make a theoretical review of the leading research on this topic. For this, four criteria were analyzed: sensorimotor and kinesthetic experience, body structure and boundaries, beliefs about oneself and others, and idealized self. The evidence review suggests that feelings of body vitality and feelings of familiarity and sociability present in the manic episode were the most highlighted aspects in the studies, but further research is necessary to clarify the psychological basis of these phenomena. There is growing evidence that self-disturbances in the schizophrenia spectrum are different from those in the manic episode, and therefore different research strategies are required.

keywords: Self-experience, Mania, Bipolar disorder, Psychopathology, Semiology