Literature in Language Classroom:A Literary – Stylistic Approach

Proceedings of ‏The 2nd International Conference on New Approaches in Education

Year: 2020


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Literature in Language Classroom: A Literary – Stylistic Approach

Dr. Tungesh G.M



English language teachers in India are at the cross-roads. The subject, teaching of ‘literature through language’ or ‘teaching of language through literature’ is highly debatable in Indian ELT/ESL context. In the British administration in India, the main aim of teaching English was to develop ‘communicative competence’ among the learners; with this aim, the target language (English) is taught presently. It is worth asking our course designers if our English language programs are successful in the classrooms – be it in the higher secondary or in the graduate level programs.   While teaching English, the teacher has to struggle in making an acquaintance with the ‘new/unfamiliar cultures’ available in the texts, and in making a familiarization of unfamiliar syntactic structures and other linguistic / stylistic aspects in the classroom. The stylistic choices in the texts, if we put a sincere effort, become interestingly the ‘sources’ for language teaching. In a contrast, the use of authentic texts and its importance in developing communicative competence is also stressed. In this attempt of making familiarization of ‘style’ in the class, teachers generally face the difficulty of ‘giving a sense of style’ to the students. If we can help students in identifying different cultures and linguistic/ literary style, would become a rewarding experience.

Keywords: Texts   style   pedagogy   communicative   competence   familiarization creativity.