Mass Media as Major Instrument of Family Planning Utilisation in Nigeria

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Modern Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2019


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Mass Media as Major Instrument of Family Planning Utilisation in Nigeria

Olusegun Sunday Ewemooje, Olukemi Grace and Adebola




The universal agenda of ensuring access to sexual and reproductive healthcare services, including; family planning and integration of reproductive health strategies and programmes will remain a mirage in Nigeria if no proper/adequate measure is put in place by the government. Therefore, this study examined effects of selected sociocultural factors on family planning utilisation and advocates the use of mass media in facilitating its effective utilisation. The present study used data from 2013 Nigeria Health and Demographic Survey to understand salient issues about family planning in Nigeria using probit regression analysis. The results showed very low rate of family planning awareness and utilisation among sampled women. Cohabitation, marriage and religion are found to have hazard effect on family planning while increase in age; level of education; wealth index; and parity are found to slightly improve usage of family planning among the women. Therefore, the study suggests holistic measure in harnessing technological advancement of the country through mass media in tackling problem of family planning utilisation. The policy implication of this is that government of Nigeria should take advantage of the mass media in reaching out to her vast population for better behavioural change towards family planning.

Keywords: Family planning, Mass Media, Utilisation, Health Workers.