“The Romance of traditional Art & Architecture”(A case study of Haryana, India)

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Modern Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2019

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/2nd.icmrss.2019.09.613

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“The Romance of traditional Art & Architecture”(A case study of Haryana, India)

Bhoop Singh Gulia




Traditional building in India have artistic element, principles. Which reflects the cultural elements, principles. Which reflects the cultural values. Haryana is one of the state of India which have various types of edifices reflects a fine mixture of the Fine Arts, Craft, wall paintings of tempera, incised tempera, Frescco. These adornment were observed on the main entrance of the traditional buildings especially on ‘Haveli(A big mason)’ in the form of craft works, wall-painting, relief work, stone, carving, wood carving, metal objects etc. The method of preparing the traditional, painting colours, mediums, construction materials and technique have interesting cultural features. The art work could have classification in mediums as well as in styles.

The research paper would be focused the entire preparing process of Art and architecture, cultural aspect their reflection on the artistic creation masons status, devotion towards the folk culture. The paper would also reflect the sense of beauty and aesthetics in regards to architectural disposition of the structure, the ambient space, comfort and architectural harmony as per the cultural value of the people of Haryana, It was observed that traditional building in Haryana have been intricated of all the artistic features as well cultural activities with rituals, faith and entertainments. The research methodology would reflect the cultural narration of the art & craft, the technique and the structure of the art work created on the traditional architecture edifices value.The presentation would be based on photo documentation, handmade diagrams and drawings illustrations would explored the finer element of the research work.

Keywords: Traditional, Architecture, Art, Craft, Aesthetics, Culture, Visual Arts.