Influence of Patriarchy on Women in Indian Society

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Gender Studies and Sexuality

Year: 2022



Influence of Patriarchy on Women in Indian Society

Salome Thomas



Patriarchy is visible in every area of life whether it be in the work space area or even across countries. Patriarchy is an inescapable tool to influence male dominance on women in society. In India, patriarchy exists in both, rural as well as urban areas, though it not so evident in urban. The women are the most affected when it comes to patriarchy since they do not get the opportunity to speak and voice their rights. Since women are considered to be secondary, they do not have authority at work space or at home as men do. Men are considered more responsible and they are given superior work and higher status. In the political sphere, we see more men in politics and very few women representatives as elected candidates. Women are not aware that they have the right to speak and demand authority for themselves, be it in the outside world or at home.

My research aims to study the influence of patriarchy at the domestic-front in Indian society. The research methods I would like to employ would be an ethnographic study along with surveys and in-depth interviews and review some of the narratives of women’s experience of patriarchy in articles or visual media. While the geographical area of my surveys and in-depth interviews will be largely in Bangalore, the same could extend to other cities but will be limited to India only. The outcome of my research study is to navigate and understand why women are not able to still speak up and have voice of their own in a progressive society like ours.

keywords: domestic women, Bangalore, male dominance, patriarchy.