The counseling discourse on LGBT sexuality in Arab-Muslim schools in Israel

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Gender Studies and Sexuality

Year: 2022



The counseling discourse on LGBT sexuality in Arab-Muslim schools in Israel

Ranin Daas



The proposed research will address the counseling discourse on LGBT sexuality in schools in Muslim Arab society in Israel. The research questions will focus on the attitudes of educational counselors in schools in Arab Muslim society in Israel towards the formation of the sexual identity of LGBT adolescents; managing the conflict between their counseling professional identity and the cultural, social and religious values ​​on which traditional Arab society is based; These and the school resources available to them in addressing professional issues related to the formation of sexual identity among LGBT youth.
The present study will be based on integration between the professional identity model, and models of culture-driven intervention in educational counseling. With the help of these models, it will be possible to examine how educational counselors negotiate between their professional identity, which is based on liberal Western values, and the traditional socio-cultural values ​​regarding the sexuality of adolescent LGBT people. Participants will be 50 educational counselors in middle and high schools in Arab-Muslim education in Israel. The research tool will be a semi-structured in-depth interview.
The results of the study may deepen the understanding of the counseling-educational discourse dealing with LGBT sexual identity and the professional, social and cultural challenges facing educational counselors working in schools in Arab-Israeli Arab Israeli society. The findings of the study may assist educators, guidance, and caregivers as well as policy makers in developing culture-sensitive educational and therapeutic interventions for teaching staff, students, and parents on LGBT sexuality.

keywords: LGBT Sexuality, Arab Muslim educational counselors at Israel.