Sexism and Culture: Perspectives on Contemporary Yoruba Wedding Ceremonies

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Gender Studies and Sexuality

Year: 2022



Sexism and Culture: Perspectives on Contemporary Yoruba Wedding Ceremonies

OLOJEDE, Adejoke. M., SHAGUY, Abosede O. & Aluko, Janet .O.



The liberation of women from diverse sexist encumbrances is an unending discourse. Much has been done in this regard over the decades through feminism, changing the narrative in various aspects of life for women all over the world.  Yet, there is more to be done as sexist perspectives is endemic, intricately woven in the fabric of society. Women in the African society have perhaps had the shortest end of the stick for too long. Scholars have examined the many factors that informed these sexist biases, helping society to understand the ‘why’ of these limitations and how they can be subdued or eradicated in all spheres of the woman’s life. In recent times, we are witnessing some seemingly insignificant but definite changes in Yoruba wedding ceremony rites, as a result of the ongoing consciousness and discourses. This paper discusses sexism as portrayed in some of the rites in traditional Yoruba weddings as well as their adapted/adopted Christian wedding ceremonies. How these practices are changing/being modified contemporarily to acknowledge the role of women in the family and celebrate them as duly deserved.

keywords: Sexist culture, Women, feminism, Yoruba, wedding rites.