Inspector Ahmed Kemal Effendi’s Visit to Europe to Observe the Modern Education System (1850-1851)

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Future of Teaching and Education

Year: 2019


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Inspector Ahmed Kemal Effendi’s Visit to Europe to Observe the Modern Education System (1850-1851)

Eyup Cucuk and Ayhan Dogan



Ahmed Kemal Effendi/Pasha (1808-1886) is a very important figure in terms of the policies and practices developed in the context of the modernization of the Ottoman education system in the Tanzimat Period. Between 1848-1854, he served as inspector general of the schools of the Empire. Accordingly, it was decided to deploy him to Europe for 10 months in order to increase and develop his already well-known skills and competencies based on the tasks he had already undertaken. The aim of this study was to examine the observations and investigations made by Ahmed Kemal Effendi in some European cities between August 1850 and April 1851 and to reveal its effects on the Ottoman education system. This research, which uses qualitative research methods and techniques, is designed as a descriptive historical study based on original and primary sources. The historical documents about the visits of Ahmed Kemal Effendi to some European cities were analysed through content analysis and descriptive analysis methods. As reflected in the findings of this research, Kemal Effendi traveled to Europe from August 1850 to April 1851 and made educational observations and inspections in the cities such as Paris, London, Brussels, Cologne, Berlin and Vienna. By transferring the knowledge and experiences he gained abroad to his country, he initiated significant practices towards the modernization of education in the Ottoman Empire. Kemal Effendi’s course materials, purchased from Paris, began to be used in newly established secondary schools, called as Rüştiye. It can actually be considered as the first implementation of modernization in Ottoman educational technologies.

Keywords: Ottoman Empire, Ahmed Kemal Effendi, History of Education.