Inclusive Education Management Peculiarities at Public Schools in Republic Of Armenia

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Research in Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2019


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Inclusive Education Management Peculiarities at Public Schools in Republic Of Armenia

Meline Grigoryan



The purpose of this study was to investigate school factors influencing the implementation of inclusive education at public schools in Republic of Armenia. This study aimed:

  • to examine the peculiarities of inclusive education management in the Armenian public primary schools
  • to examine the main features of inclusive education in schools and to develop theoretical and practical ways for their improvement.

According to the purpose of the study, object and subject, the following problems have been identified:

  1. Explore modern approaches to inclusive education management, legislative framework, legal justification, theoretical and methodological prerequisites,
  2. Examine and analyze the management of the inclusive education setting,
  3. Develop theoretical and practical ways of improving inclusive education management

In this study 391 respondents participated, 57 of inclusive schools’ principals, 107 vice-principals, 49 headmasters and 94 teachers, 84 multidisciplinary team members, as of 234 (59.8%) believe there are doing well and know about inclusive education process in a proper way, and 28 (7.2%) were satisfactory, whereas 31 (7.9%) respondents had a negative opinion on inclusive education management, 60 respondents (15.3%) could not give a clear answer on inclusive education issues, they are mainly university students of  BA 3rd and 4th and Master’s 1st and 2nd-year students, so the awareness level of the issues studied was low.

KeyWords: research; respondents; teachers, principals; inclusive education setting.