Gender sensitive education program in eastern Jerusalem Arab schools

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Research in Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2019


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Gender sensitive education program in eastern Jerusalem Arab schools

Diana Daaboul



In recent years, the Gender and Gender Equality Unit has been launched, and a number of enrichment and enrichment programs have been launched within schools, students participating in empowerment workshops, special programs and educational initiatives, both on behalf of the Ministry of Education in israel and such Belonging to external programs.This process, which is growing in the non-Arab educational system in Israel, is parallel to a similar process in the Arab education system or in Arab society in Israel, but more slowly, less holistic and assimilated and less continuous. This is despite the need for such programs and interventions in the Arab society in Israel, in all its layers (more and less traditional).
In our rapidly changing world there are still issues that are always discussed in one way or another, they are becoming more complex or are not fully resolved, and it is always possible to develop and propose programs and initiatives and studies that deal with them. Gender and gender equality are part of these issues.Traditional societies in general and Arab society in Israel in particular live in a rift betweentradition and modernity. On the one hand, children live in a traditional society with restrictive social characteristics in many areas of life. On the other hand they are exposed to a wide Western culture, the gender issue remains relevant today, despite and in conjunction with a number of programs and initiatives on this subject in Arab society in Israel and in Arab society in general.