Research on Determinants of How Knowledge Management Affects Knowledge Creation

Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Business, Management and Economics

Year: 2019


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Research on Determinants of How Knowledge Management Affects Knowledge Creation

Reed-Joe Chang, Chi-Hui Wu, Jing Li and Yi-Fen Huang



Due to technology processes originating from knowledge creation, particularly for advanced high technology, in turn knowledge management affects knowledge creation. However, when it comes to implementing knowledge management, which in some enterprises is substantially taken as an import concept, the documenting-processing has been the beginning and the end of its work, simply forming another library specifically for collecting technology documents, eventually failing to reach the objective of knowledge creation. For this reason, this paper explores what determinants essentially affect the knowledge creation through a questionnaire survey with 25 experts in knowledge management practices using Fuzzy Delphi and ISM-fuzzy MICMAC approach in terms of 5 dimensions: the application, function, system construction, supporting leadership, and employee’s acceptance of knowledge management, and their corresponding criteria. In the beginning, the definitions of related terminology will be first clearly stated about what knowledge creation and technology progress point to. And, finally, the determinants of how knowledge management affects knowledge creation and, subsequently, the technology progress are analyzed and determined. The analysis results tend to show that the dimensions of Function and Application of Knowledge Management are affecting and dominant to other three factors for knowledge creation when implementing knowledge management in an organization.

Keywords: ISM with Fuzzy MICMAC; Knowledge Creation; Knowledge Management; Technology Progress.