The Meaning of Resilience in Adulthood

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Advanced Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2019


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The Meaning of Resilience in Adulthood

Agnieszka Franczok-Kuczmowska




As the epidemiological statistics of anxiety disorders and mood disorders show an adult’s mental health in the last decades decreases over time making the life of an average person more prone to adversity. Due to several socio-cultural changes across the world that make modern life to be more flexible and adaptive, the capability of people to cope with stress on a daily basis and the care for people wellbeing remains an important issue. Further to this, an important factor enhancing and protecting mental health is resilience as an inner source and the capability to face the adversity. It can be described as competence to stay flexible and adapt to changing environments even in an unfavorable habitat. Resilience as a capability is mostly described and explored in the childhood population, leaving a space for further investigations in adulthood population, even though it remains an important area to put emphasis on. The aim of the speech is to summarize the findings regarding resilience in the population of adults as well as emphasize the importance of the resilience meaning in an adult’s life.

keywords: contemporary times; inner sources; mental health.