A Buddhist Approach to Spiritual Value and Modern Education System

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Advanced Research in Humanities

Year: 2019

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/2nd.icarhconf.2019.09.605

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A Buddhist Approach to Spiritual Value and Modern Education System

Ven. Diptah Chowdhury




Buddhism, as a religion, centers on wisdom with a systematic analysis, and encourages to investigating – ‘come and see’, not come to believe. This highlights scientific approaches towards modern education rather than the so-called: traditional and scriptural informative teachings. When education is pragmatically and analytically encouraged to study, there is an initial understanding emerges towards spiritual value. It is that a student has to have empowered to clarify his studies. It is the ‘awareness’ – be aware of oneself and the surrounding environments. This is more effective learning than theoretical studies, and on the other hand education affects the whole spectrum of human values – understanding, creative, experiential, ethic, social, and spiritual values.  A student educational experience involves within mass communication, and its personal application towards intellectual and moral values.  Hence, this paper will offer a Buddhist understanding of educational strategy called ‘awareness’, information based on Buddhist university and general university in Thailand. The case studies of universities will offer different academic data based information and their educational systems to go hand by hand with modern education system. In addition, their value towards spirituality will be also studied from different dimension differently.

Keywords: Wisdom, Education, Spiritual value, Human values, Awareness.