Partnership Governance as a Base for Strengthening Regional Tourism

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Advanced Research in Humanities

Year: 2019


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Partnership Governance as a Base for Strengthening Regional Tourism

Muchamad Zaenuri




Strengthening tourism affairs for an area is not only possible by the government, the involvement of the private sector and the community in tourism is a necessity. Tourism is a system that integrates between government, private sector, and society; but all this time the three pillars have not been able to establish partnership relationships. The impression that all three seemed to be overwhelmed by contractual relationships was felt. Malang City Region as one of the popular tourist destinations is also faced with such problems. Several tourist attractions and attractions (ODTW) and cultural events have been carried out through collaboration between the three tourism pillars, but until now they still encounter various obstacles that are generally not partnership based. Based on the problem and by using qualitative research methods and supported by research surveys, the objectives to be achieved from this study are: 1) provide an explanation of the partnership-based tourism governance that has been carried out in the “Malang Raya” area, and provide an explanation about patterns of partnership between the government and the private sector and the community in strengthening tourism facilities. The results that have been achieved from this research are the identification of various roles of the government, the private sector, and the community in developing tourism in the Malang region. The findings show that the three objects are more effective and efficient if managed using a partnership pattern. With this partnership pattern, it can also grow the private sector and the community to be more productive in participating.

Keywords: Partnership Governance, Tourism, Collaborative Governance, Community, Government.