Fuzzy Logic Based Control System for Intelligent Washing Machines

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Innovation in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

Year: 2019


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Fuzzy Logic Based Control System for Intelligent Washing Machines

Abdalla Fadel, Mona Shlibek and Manal Shlibek



Nowadays, in the Libyan households, washing machines are a very common items. It is not only a big time saver over hand washing, but also it saves a great effort, people can carry out another task and then return back to the machine to get their clothes clean and even dry. The only things they need to do are load the clothes into the machine, throw detergent in, run it, and walk away.  This paper shows the importance of fuzzy logic control based washing machine to get a suitable wash, rinse, and spin time for different types and amount of clothes and amount of dirtiness. The process is based on fuzzy inference system. The signals that come out from sensors are fed to the fuzzy controller as non-precise inputs  to get the desired output (a crisp value of washing time, rinsing time and spinning time). The Simulation was done by MATLAB’s fuzzy logic toolbox.

Keywords: Mamdani , Surface Viewer, Washing Time, Spinning Time, and Rinsing Time.