The Centrality of the Individual in the Digital Society

Proceedings of ‏The 2nd International Academic Conference on Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2020


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The Centrality of the Individual in the Digital Society

Fabrizia Rosa



The social and economic reality in which we live in this historical moment is strongly influenced by the development of digital technologies and this requires, unlike in the past, the need to put the person and his rights at the center of development.This contribution aims to analyze the changed relationship between privacy (protection of personal data) – in its social and collective dimensions – and security (which, as a collective interest in the overall holding of the rule of law, has been greatly strenghtened).If you pass the simplified dichotomy “privacy vs security” and look deeper into the needs on which the two rights and constitutionally protected goods are based, it can be concluded that, in certain cases, national security and public security needs may involve specific limitations on the right to privacy and data protection, but never involving the complete sacrifice of one or the other protected legal position.The most important focus of this discussion is a reflection on the fundamental choices to which our civilizations are called and the challenge that the western world must take with respect to a technological evolution.

Keywords: individual; society; privacy; security; technological development.