On the Restoration of the Pre-Nostratic Language

Proceedings of ‏The 2nd International Academic Conference on Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2020


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On the Restoration of the Pre-Nostratic Language

Kukuri Pipia



The given work addresses the problem of the origin of speech and Pre-Nostratic language, which the linguists regard unsolved to this day. Here are studies of the following issues are presented:

    1. How the early men began to speak and on which basis they gave relevant names to the objects and the phenomena;
    2. How did they manage to express their views?
    3. What proof and the data of Pre-Nostratic language has been preserved by the Kartvelian language.

We pursue the aim of the reconstruction of the lexis of the Pre-Nostratic language, for which reason it has become necessary to study the basic words consisting of word sounds and harmonious sound complexes proved in the Kartvelian language, in other words consonants and neutral vowel O[ǝ], as well as harmonious sound complexes and a neutral vowel.
The work includes the Pre-Nostratic language vocabulary, as well as the method of restoration of the archetypes of the Pre-Nostratic words through the reconstruction of the Kartvelian words; these archetypes represented the word sounds and sound harmonious complexes prompted by the nature, which, for the expression of certain idea, formed on its part non-grammatical sentences. Here are presented the examples of forming modern words, as a result of uniting the archetypes forming part of the non-grammatical sentences and the following phonetic changes.

Keywords: Word sound, harmonious sound complex, Pre-Nostratic language, Kartvelian language.