Moving Beyond Sanctioned Boundaries:Female Representation in the Parliaments of Algeria,Morocco, and Tunisia

Proceedings of the 2nd International Academic Conference on Humanities and Social Science

Year: 2019


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Moving Beyond Sanctioned Boundaries: Female Representation in the Parliaments of Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia

Kimberly S. Adams



In slightly over a decade, the percentage of women serving in the lower chambers of Algeria,Morocco, Tunisia increased by large margins (IPU, 2018). While numerous factors can possibly explain this increase, this paper examinesfour political factors that may help to explain the increased presence of women serving in the national parliaments of Algeria,Morocco,andTunisia,from 2008to 2018. Using the comparative analysis method, this work investigates each of three countries based on: 1(the country’s electoral system 2) the role and influence of feminist groups;3(the adoption and implementation of gender quotas;4) the country’s level of democracy.The findings indicate that all four political factors have some influence on the presence of women in parliament in Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia.

Keywords: Women; politics; democracy; proportional representation; gender quotas.