Reducing tardiness among high school students in Georgia High School

Proceedings of The 2nd World Conference on Education and Teaching

Year: 2021


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Reducing tardiness among high school students in Georgia High School

Monawer Ammash Alshammari



Students’ Tardiness is a common challenge in many high schools. This research therefore investigated the reasons responsible for students’ tardiness to school as expressed by Georgia High School Teachers, reading information on best Practices employed by Georgia High School Administrators to Reduce Student Tardiness by Jason Scott Moore, as well as researching good practices in other school’s system in the United States of America, and factors that affect on improving student attendance, reducing tardiness, and raising academic achievement. The students chosen for this research attend a Georgia High School. Two hundred and twenty eight high school students participated in the study. The findings revealed that students’ tardiness was negatively affected to academic achievement , attitudes towards teacher and schools. Results also revealed that students’ tardiness differed in respect to parents’ educational level. Finally, results analyses noticed that previous students’ tardiness and previous academic achievement can predict current students’ tardiness.

keywords: tardiness, high school students, Georgia High School.